“If we confuse history with nature, always comes only evil out there – if you biologized, naturalized, if you squint along racial and biological sex and by the law of the jungle and stuff, instead of the only salvation potential, the whole in the People mess can be representational of reason.

I like artificial, it is the best case of the marriage of reason and art, so I’ll take her one thing that is the embodiment of nature. the wild animals, and how to replace their grades together, as they come and go, evolution -. and turn it into a task in Triangulationsfeld of science, technology, art
My animals are called in the book Gente, simply ‘people’, are so clever, so determined to live their own history and Write as I would have liked the people. ”
(Dietmar Dath)

The era of boredom is over, people there are almost no more and the biological species are abolished. Dietmar Dath novel is set 500 years in the future, after the liberation, in a world where speaking and intelligent animals who have managed the Gente, the transition of the evolution of natural history to layout history.

Capable of continuous transformation, they decide in which animal form they occur and with what type they maintain sexual intercourse. Telepathic communication works on odors and forums space spread across the news and discussions. In the three labyrinthine cities Landers, Kapseits and Borbruck are the few people that still exist, the new civilization subject or last to be attacked species.

Political negotiations make the dragonfly Philomena and the bat Izquierda, military action plans Dachsin Georgescu, banking controls the fox Ryuneke, art deals with issues of stuttering ass Storikal, research projects run the pike Westfahl and the pork barrel Herbert ransom and diplomatic trips being taken by the young wolf Dmitri Stepanovich. This is all in the service of the Lion: Cyrus Iemelian Adrian Golden Vinicius. He’s aura and ideological rulers and is precisely why vulnerable. On the old continent of America is opposed him the power of Keramikaner, being between Gente and machinery, Katahomenleandraleal led, provoked internal political divisions in the Gente and a huge war scenario.

Civilization of Gente is destroyed, under the leadership of the daughter of the lion , LASARA manages only a few of the Exodus on Venus and Mars. The two planets where the newcomers must first conquer their habitats are home and workplace of the next generation of Gente, which remembers this only through traditional stories and legends.

Two descendants, the lizard Padmasambhava and the prince fire will be prepared for the mission , explore the remains of the previous population in the world and there zueinanderzufinden. The sexes walking and finally as siblings encountering, the two end up in a kind of paradise, where the time has stopped and historical or evolutionary cycles are broken.

Dietmar Dath novel, The Abolition of the Species in 2008 is a hybrid: fables, Science fiction, utopian novel, postmodern thought experiment, philosophical scenario. In the tradition of Plato, Thomas More, Arno Schmidt, George Orwell, HG Wells, etc. spreads Dath from a universe that is populated by innumerable and unfathomable characters, the plot branches out unmanageable and in which he imaginatively and politically at the same time the question to be tackled, why man has abolished itself and destroys its environment.

In good dialectical fashion, he speculated that a post-human society could be peaceful and more just. Characterized by a poetic and academic, poetic and scientific areas, such cryptic language simultaneously fascinated and overwhelmed the Roman readers and polarized his critics. The 12-part audio adaptation of the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, directed by Ulrich lamps and with the sound of mouse on mars makes the dazzling characters eloquence of the text, the opulent sound-musical dimension of the novel and the political commitment of the author acoustical experience.