Iaora Tahiti album by Mouse On Mars was released Mar 10, 1998 on the Too Pure label. IAORA TAHITI, the follow-up to Mouse On Mars's 1994 debut VULVALAND, finds the band's multi-textured techno-pop refined to a high art. Iaora Tahiti music CDs The German-based duo takes its cue from its Krautrock forebears, using spacey, insistent beats and grooves as an anchor for its smooth analogue language and digital chittering. Iaora Tahiti songs The first two tracks, "Stereomission" and "Kompod," are expansive, loping compositions founded on fluid, burbling basslines. "Achunkel" sounds like ghosts playing drums in a cybernetic junkyard Iaora Tahiti album. "Bib" plows a swirling ambient vortex with pulse-quickening techno rhythms. The morphing bubble-scape of "Papa, Antoine" suggests a breeding ground alive with emergent microorganisms. These are dense, abstract sound collages of the first order, cerebral, intriguing, and challenging, without sacrificing rhythmic accessibility or the occasional melodic fragment. It might be said that Iaora Tahiti is one of the finest releases of its kind, were it not so strikingly unique.


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