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The basic idea for Elastic Drums was, to create an easy and fun in handling drum app, with a genuine sound, an instrument with its own character.

Elastic Drums works with drum synth modeling, so the the drum sounds are much more „elastic“ compared to the use of samples, most drum apps do so far. So the sounds can be changed drastically and combined with a very flexible effect section Elastic Drums can be even a tool for sounddesign, not only for creating beats.

Analog originals would be the Korg Electribes for their ease of use handling and the recoding of parameters and Elektron Machine for it’s concept to have different switchable drum synth models for every sequencer channel.

Elastic Drums is designed and developed by Oliver Greschke, with contributions to Pure Data patching by Matt Davey. Graphic design by Carsten Schneider. Elastic Drums is published by MoMinstruments, in collaboration with CDM (createdigitalmusic.com).


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Elastic Drums is an iOS app with 6 channels of synthesized sounds, a step sequencer and 4 effect channels, all tweak-able in an elastic way.

– Twelve different drum synth models
– Twelve parameters per synth engine
– Four send channels, master effects, with stutter, delay, compressor, reverb
– X/Y control for effects
– Parameter automation for synth, effects
– 16-step sequencer
– SoundCloud and Audioshare export, plus email (for audio and presets)
– soon: Midi sync, IAA

The first release will is iPhone optimized only. Later there will be a version optimized for iPad also, it will be landscape instead of portrait mode, and it will be Universal.

Due to different screen resolutions between different devices (iPhone5, iPhone4s, iPad) screens may look different on different devices (like missing mute buttons, etc.). Most of this will be fixed with the coming iPad version.


– iPhone version: out!
– iPad version:
– price: $ 11.99 (Universal – you get both)


– http://www.musicappblog.com (iPad)
– http://iosmusicandyou.com (iPad)

– http://createdigitalmusic.com
– http://main.iosmars.com
– http://iosmusicandyou.com
– http://www.sequencer.de
– http://www.musicappblog.com
– https://ipadmusiced.wordpress.com
– https://zlaurent.wordpress.com
– http://www.palmsounds.net

A pre release iPad demo from the sound test room:

A quick and dirty overview video:

A pre release demo from the sound test room:

See Mouse on Mars already using Elastic Drums


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Instruments screen

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Effects screen

Effects screen

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