December 10th, 2012


The first Recommended Records release comes from deef and here’s a personal message from the man himself…

“Where there need for a poem to accompany this release, I would like
to quote myself: In the context of contemporary beat scene I wanted to make something new; something that deserves the label of “hyperspace future blabla music” everybody in the scene adorns herself with, but unfortunately I failed. I need more time & fucking money.”

get to know deef a little better:


All the tracks can be downloaded from soundcloud or from below:

1. deef – boring oldschoolness
2. deef – i slipped and then we judged a n2o-party
3. deef – ironic deconstruction of cheesy & sad melodies
4. deef – nostalgia of an ex-gangsta-rapper
5. deef – münchhausens moral skit
6. deef – subaqueous aerobics
7. deef – sprudelkuchen im planetarium
8. deef – soundtrack for bike messengers
9. deef – your daily beatermezzo
10. deef – münchhausen’s farewell skit
11. deef – epic fuckscene routine



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  • Great stuff!

  • This is really fantastic . Very very inspirering…very funny and great art. I wonder how and with what deef is working to create such great tracks and manage to hold all those small sounds together. very very talented. very different from all the boring electronic dance dj things that keeps on repeating it self all over the sceene. Thanks

  • Welcome to the ‘idealistic’ world of not-for-profit netlabels!
    We got ‘lost somewhere along the way’ intentionally, please don’t tell anyone we’re down here. :)
    I’ll alert the Acts of Silence blog, to add you to the list of active netlabels.
    Perhaps you might consider a Creative Commons license for your netlabel releases?

    Best wishes,

  • I like deef very much as well as E.A.R.L. but I don’t understand the 5 sec. silence / break in deef’s – münchhausen’s farewell skit?